Try Meditation For Health And Happiness

zenAt different times over the past 20+ years, I have practiced meditation regularly and not so regularly, depending on life’s circumstances. Recently my husband Kirk and I have gotten back into meditating regularly (once or twice a day for about 4 months now.) And both of us have really noticed a difference in our stress-levels, peace, happiness, energy, demeanor and health.

For years I have known about the benefits of meditation for health and happiness. However, I have always thought of myself as a fairly calm, happy person, with or without meditation. So it’s been a pleasant surprise to realize just how much my not meditating was affecting my wellbeing.

Regular meditation has helped my creativity to soar. I have more energy, and I can more clearly think through problems (or problems don’t feel as overwhelming as they used to.) Kirk’s blood pressure has also dropped significantly enough for him to get off of medication.

I’ve had several friends tell me they can’t possibly learn to meditate because their brains won’t calm down enough. And believe me, I know the feeling. I have one of the most active monkey-minds around. Some mornings my mind is so active, I don’t really feel like I meditated at all. But it’s important to keep in mind that meditation is called a “practice” because that’s what you do: practice, practice, practice, every day. So I practice again that evening, and the next day. And I can tell you with certainty, the more you take this personal time for yourself to practice, the more your monkey-mind does eventually calm down, and the more benefits your body will reap.

This article has a great info-graphic showing what meditation actually does to your body. The amazing thing is that the benefits of meditating can expand beyond improving your own wellbeing to that of your entire community as well. Research indicates that in areas of the globe with higher numbers of meditators, crime rates have fallen significantly.

If you would like to try meditating, here’s a great opportunity to learn. Oprah has partnered with Deepak Chopra to create a series of free online 21-day Meditation Challenges. These are daily 12-15 minute guided-meditations that are great for beginners or practiced meditators alike. The next online 21-day Meditation Challenge to manifest Desires & Destiny starts on Monday, November 11. Sign up today and join me online in realizing the benefits for your own wellbeing, your community, and beyond.

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  1. Lisa Marie

    Just what I needed today. Thanks, I’ve signed up!

    • Heidi

      That’s GREAT Lisa Marie. Happy to help you get connected with the Oprah & Deepak 21-day Meditation Challenges, they are very inspiring. And nice to know you’ll be joining me in meditation next week. Namaste…


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