Spring Clean Your Gut

Spring Clean Your GutSpring is in the air, flowers and trees are blooming, sunshine is sprinkled with showers. It’s a great time of year to clean house. Out with the old, in with the new, recycle things you no longer need, making room for new energy to fill your life. It’s also a perfect time to spring clean your gut.

So why does your gut need a spring clean? You may not realize that your gut is directly linked to every other organ in your body. It even has it’s own brain! Years of eating processed, high-sugar, high-fat, chemical filled foods can take their toll on your gut, causing inflammation, allergies, or a leaky-gut. Even if you eat relatively cleanly, chances are your gut can use a break from working 24-7 to digest everything you throw down the hatch. Your gut may be processing toxic chemicals from the water and air that you aren’t even aware of.

While I’m not a huge fan of juice cleanses (too much sugar unless you are doing all veggie juice), we have been doing a whole-foods cleanse a couple of times a year for several years. We definitely notice an overall boost to our energy and wellness, not to mention dropping a few extra pounds as well. We try to do one whole-foods cleanse mid-spring, and another mid-fall at the change of seasons.

Why Should You Spring Clean Your Gut?

The idea behind a whole-foods cleanse is to eat as cleanly as possible for about 3 weeks. This gives your body a chance to heal your gut, which in turn can heal many other symptoms ranging from food allergies and joint pain to skin issues and headaches, or something much more serious.

We follow the program in the Clean Gut book by Dr. Alejandro Junger. Dr. Junger is a Cardiologist by training, who healed himself as well as many of his cardiology patients from a myriad of aliments, by addressing imbalances in the gut. This fascinating book is packed full of information on the gut and how it affects the rest of the body. It is also full of delicious recipes that make this cleanse so tasty you won’t know you are doing a cleanse.

The general premise is that in order to give your gut a break and a chance to heal, you eliminate things that have potential to cause inflammation. I highly recommend following Dr. Junger’s program to spring clean your gut. He also recommends some probiotic supplements to help repopulate your gut flora and fauna as well as help your body break down the bio-film that has likely accumulated over many years, and can wreak havoc with your digestion.

I can tell you from personal experience once you eat cleanly for a couple of weeks you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. Your whole body will thank you afterwards.

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