Revitalize Your Fridge and Pantry for Better Health

revitalize your fridge and pantry you’re like me, you may be trying to eat out less and make more meals at home. Homemade meals are not only healthier for your bank account; they are healthier for you as well. That is, if what’s in your fridge and pantry are healthy foods to begin with.

So how do you know which foods you should toss from your pantry and fridge, and which foods you should stock up on?

Here’s an article I just wrote for the Chopra Center’s blog with tips on how to revitalize your fridge and pantry for better health, How to Spring Clean and Revamp Your Fridge and Pantry for Optimal Health.

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As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” So make sure your fridge and pantry have a good mix of organic vegetables, fruits, healthy-fats, and proteins for your body to use as building blocks.

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Please leave a comment to let us know which items you ditched from your fridge and pantry after reading this article?

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