If you’re looking for alternative and complimentary wellness providers, here are some of my go-to health and wellness providers (all in the greater Seattle area.) When you contact them, please let them know Happy Well Lifestyle referred you.

SOMA / Massage

Kelsi Giswold, LMP
Jesse Guerrero, CSP, LMP
Rachel Jones, LMP, SMI


Full Circle Acupuncture, Casey McSweyn, L.Ac.
Leslie Raznick Acupuncture, Leslie “Laya” Raznick, L.Ac.
Resonance Acupuncture, Angela Lineman, L.Ac., LMP

Naturopathic Medicine

Seattle Healing Arts:
Dr. Amy Hobson, N.D.
Dr. Eva Miller, N.D.
Dr. Molly Fox, N.D.
Dr. David Deichert, N.N, ARNP

Dr. Robert Jangaard, N.D.

Dr. Greg Yasuda, N.D., LMP

Herbal Remedies & Teas

Dandelion Botanical, Ballard
Herban Wellness, Kirkland
Julia’s Good Medicine, Online
Mountain Rose Herbs, Online


Molly McCord, Conscious Cool Chic

Behavioral Health & Thought Coach

Vicki Keough