Pure Love

Pure Love KittiesWe’ve felt a LOT of LOVE in our family lately. These little guys arrived in our home on Thursday, and are nothing but pure love! Or should I say purrrrr love?! 🙂

Nothing makes the heart sing more than watching two little kittens playing together and doing that giant sideways leap into the air. We’ve been laughing SO hard our sides ache, and tears of happiness are streaming down our faces.

Just before our kittens arrived, we spent a week at a meditation/yoga retreat at the Chopra Center. Talk about Pure LOVE! Meditating and doing yoga with almost 500 people, you can just feel the energy and love pouring out of everyone.

How can you send and receive pure love?

Throughout the week we had the honor of listening to Deepak Chopra speak to us several times a day, and his underlying message is that everything in the universe is pure love.

Come From a Place of Love and Compassion

If we strive to come into every situation from a place of love and compassion, leaving our biases behind, the outcomes will generally be much better. After all, holding onto a grudge or negative thoughts about someone is like you drinking poison and expecting them to suffer. You’ll be the only one that suffers.

So next time you have a stressful situation like dealing with an angry client; having that talk with your boss; an airline flight that goes awry; or someone cutting you off on the freeway, try coming from a place of love and compassion and send out pure love. You have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s world. They may be having a worse day than you and your love could turn that around.


Take a deep breath, and send pure love to the situation. And SMILE. Remember that we are all humans, and are all in this boat together. Everyone has feelings, and the bottom line is that everyone wants to feel loved. See how much better you feel sending out love?

As the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend… I’ve gotta run see what mischief those kitties are up to now!

Please leave a comment to let me know how you encourage LOVE in your every day life.

4 Responses to “Pure Love”

  1. Laren Watson

    Here’s a video that shows exactly what you’re talking about here!

  2. Pam

    I try to really “see” people I run into during the day. A compliment or a smile to a stranger or loved one brings such a nice response.

    • Heidi

      GREAT tip Pam, thanks for sharing! I try to do the same. I make it a practice to see how many people I can make smile each day. I smile at every person I see. It’s amazing to see a strangers grumpy face turn into a smile when they see yours…Keep up the great practice! 🙂


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