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With so many specialists and “a pill for every ill”, WHO is looking at your WHOLE health picture? I’ve been there, and I can relate. That’s why I became a Functional Wellness Coach. I’m passionate about helping women 40+, who have already tried everything under the sun, to feel FANTASTIC again. Learn More

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Dr. Tieraona Low Dog’s “One-minute Medicine”

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Dr Tieraona Low DogI feel so fortunate to have heard Dr. Tieraona Low Dog speak in person at Dr. Weil’s Nutrition & Health Conference in Seattle, Spring of 2013.

Dr. Low Dog is one amazing woman, healer, doctor, and author of several books including Life is Your Best Medicine. She is a true inspiration to anyone interested in health and wellness, and I’ve been following her ever since.

Resources from Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Check out Dr. Low Dog’s “One-minute Medicine” videos offering some great holistic health tips on everything from vitamins and minerals to using food as medicine.

Dr. Low Dog also offers online and in-person herbal courses at her Medicine Lodge Ranch.

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