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How can a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach help you? Are you 50+ and feel like your body has let you down? Struggling with low energy, brain fog, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, or chronic aches and pains? Have you been to the doctor only to be told it’s all in your head? Are you too young to feel this old?

Did you know these are NOT normal signs of aging? This is your body giving you clear signals that something is out of balance. I can help you!

I can totally relate. Unfortunately with so many medical specialists these days and “a pill for every ill”, WHO is looking at your WHOLE health picture? I’ve been there… and that’s why I became a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach, to help you thrive in wellness.

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Apple Betty

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Gluten-free dairy-free Apple Betty

Looking for a delicious healthy dessert or breakfast treat? This Apple Betty is it! Last week my husband Kirk saw a recipe for old fashioned “Apple brown Betty” from the Sweets Without Sugar pamphlet distributed by the Federal Food Board of New York in 1918. I was impressed that there was such a consciousness about sugar back then. But it turns out it was during WWI when sugar was rationed and saved for the troops.

The Apple Betty looked super yum, except that it wasn’t dairy-free or gluten-free. So I put on my recipe-modification hat and made it so! I’ve always loved creating and modifying recipes. If we eat out somewhere (or when we used to! we’re not eating out now due to COVID), I would often re-create the restaurant version at home. And usually, it was a success like this Apple Betty. I replaced the original “pieces of toast” with almond meal and pecans, and used coconut oil instead of butter.

I had to make this recipe a few times to get it just right. Oh darn, had to eat the not-so-great ones too, LOL! This recipe is super quick and easy to make. Loaded with apples and cinnamon, it tastes so delicious no one will know it’s GF/DF! The original recipe was nammed “Apple brown Betty” (lower case brown)? And when I looked into where it got its name, there appears to be a lot of racism surrounding the “brown” part of the name, so I’ve renamed my recipe, Apple Betty.
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Sweet Potato Soup

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Sweet Potato Soup

On a cold autumn or winter night, a nice warm soup is the perfect warming food. And this delicious Sweet Potato Soup has been a holiday tradition in our family for years. The recipe was passed on to my mom from an old Danish family friend named Inger, who remarkably will be 106 years old this coming January!

Inger was still hiking and cross-country skiing well past 100 years, and she’s been an amazing role model for many of our family members. So I’m looking forward to making her Sweet Potato Soup this Thanksgiving and giving thanks for Inger’s inspiration to live a healthy life.

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and are on Jonny Bowden’s 150 Healthiest Foods (paid link) list. They got a bad rap with the low-carb craze, but they actually have some terrific health benefits.

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Book Review: The Healthy Deviant

| Book Review, Wellness | 2 Comments

Book Review: The Healthy  Deviant by Pilar Gerasimo

Wow!! The Healthy Deviant really blew me away! So I had to write a book review and share it with you here. If you’re thinking “deviant” seems like a less than desirable trait, think again. The definition of deviant: “a person or thing that deviates or departs markedly from the accepted norm.” Hum…if you put it that way, I guess I’ve always been a deviant. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a “color outside the lines”, “think outside the box” kind of gal. I mean, I live on a sailboat, currently in Mexico, who does that?! And who determines what is considered the “accepted norm” anyway?

The Accepted Norm

As a rule-breaker, The Healthy Deviant: A Rule Breakers Guide to Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World, by Pilar Gerasimo was right up my alley. And I hope you’re as shocked as I was to learn that the “accepted norm” in the US currently includes the following statistics:

  • 50% of adults in the US are diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • 70% of American adults are overweight or clinically obese
  • 70% of adults in the US are currently taking at least one prescription drug
  • 80% of Americans are not mentally or emotionally well
  • Only 2.7% of Americans are maintaining healthy habits
  • < 1% of American adults are truly healthy, happy, and on track to stay that way

These statistics are astounding! So how did we get here? The human body didn’t develop over the past 2.5 million years to be sick and tired, and fail us, or humans would have died out long ago. So what gives? Why have we become such an unhealthy society?

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Sprouted Lentil Black Bean Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries

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Sprouted Lentil Black Bean Burger with Sweet-potato Fries

We’ve been sprouting some seeds and legumes recently and just made these Sprouted Lentil Black Bean Burgers. OMG! They are SO delicious, I had to share the recipe here so you don’t miss out. Literally the BEST veggie burger we’ve ever had. Plus we pared them with super-delish sweet potato fries on the grill. We’ve actually made them three times in the past week, that’s how good they are!

If you’ve never sprouted seeds or legumes before, it’s pretty easy and only takes a couple of days. We’ve had the best luck sprouting lentils, ready in three days. And I just found this handy resource on Sprouting 101 with lots of info on how to sprout. We’re going to try a few things like quinoa and pumpkin seeds again, as apparently we didn’t do it quite right the first time… LOL! We also have these sprouting jars for larger seeds and legumes, and these sproutng lids that convert mason jars into sprouting jars for smaller seeds and grains.

So Why Sprout?

If you’re not a fan of sprouts, this might change your mind. According to Harvard News(1), sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes are more nutritious than their non-sprouted cousins. It turns out the germinating process breaks down some of the starches as well as the phytic acid that can hinder the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. So sprouting makes nutrients like folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and protein much more bioavailable to the body. Since they also have less starch they can be easier to digest than non-sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes.

Ok, enough about sprouting for now, let’s get on with the Sprouted Lentil Black Bean Burger recipe! Cuz I know you’re dying to try these…
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