Hi, I’m Heidi, Functional Wellness Coach and Author… Are you 40+ and feeling like your body has let you down? Struggling with low energy, brain fog, bloating, insomnia, weight gain, eczema and other skin issues, or chronic aches and pains? Have you been to doctor after doctor only to be told it’s all in your head? Are you too young to feel this damn old? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know these are NOT actually normal signs of aging? This is your body giving you clear warning signals that something is out of balance. And I can help you to get back in balance…

With so many specialists and “a pill for every ill”, WHO is looking at your WHOLE health picture? I’ve been there, and I can relate. That’s why I became a Functional Wellness Coach. I’m passionate about helping women 40+, who have already tried everything under the sun, to feel FANTASTIC again. Learn More

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10 Warning Signs Your Body Is Giving You

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Are you feeling your age? Aches and pains not enabling you to do what you once could? You may blame your body for failing you. But nothing could be further from the truth. Your body is not dumb. In fact, it is one of the smartest machines around. And it’s constantly giving you warning signs.

Body parts don’t just start to fail or go haywire for no apparent reason. There is always a root cause when something goes wrong in your body. News Flash: contrary to what TV ads may have you believe, the root cause is never a deficiency of Prozac, Prilosec, or Ambien. And more often than not, that root cause has been ongoing for many years.

Your Body Is Talking… Are You Listening?

Your body communicates with you all the time. But unfortunately, we may be so tuned in to our electronic devices or our busy lives that we tune out of our bodies. We may fail to pay attention to the warning signs, subtle cues, and clues our bodies are giving us… until it’s too late and they “suddenly” hit us over the head with something major.

Only it wasn’t really suddenly at all… it was the straw that broke the camel’s back if only you’d heeded those warning signs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a clue when things were starting to go sideways with your body? And you could actually reverse or prevent something worse from happening? Guess what, you do have clues. And your body has been crying out in pain or showing you warning signs all along. You just need the secret decoder ring!

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Roasted Veggies & Cannellini Beans Upcycle into Soup!

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This hearty, warming Roasted Veggies & Cannellini Beans is perfect for autumn or winter. I made it earlier this week and had to share because it’s SOOOO good! And it’s packed full of colorful root vegetables to help you eat the rainbow and boost your phytonutrients intake.

Root vegetables are also very grounding, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncentered (who isn’t these days, right?!), this would be a perfect meal to help ground you. Plus it makes enough that you can re-purpose it for several more meals, as I share below.

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Eat Well to Balance Your Immune System

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Eat Well to Balance Your Immune System
Updated from September 2018

Do you need to balance your immune system? You may be seeing lots of articles and news stories about “boosting your immune system”. But in reality, you want to BALANCE your immune system, not necessarily “boost” it.

Boosting it could create an over-active immune system, which can be just as bad as an under-active immune system. An over-active immune system is what happens in autoimmune diseases where the body attacks itself. Whereas an under-active immune system is what happens when you get every virus that comes along. We want to strive for a balanced immune system where the body is in homeostasis or optimal wellness.

And chronic inflammation usually goes hand in hand with our immune system, causing it to get out of balance. So what exactly is chronic inflammation? Is it always a bad thing? And if so, can you really eat well to balance your immune system and reverse chronic inflammation?

“Inflammation is your body’s first line of defense against toxins, infections, and injuries. When your cells are in distress, they release chemicals to alert the immune system. The immune system sends its first responders — inflammatory cells — to trap the offending substance or heal the tissue.”
— Cleveland Clinic (1)

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Salted Chocolate Energy Balls

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Salted Chocolate Energy Balls

Looking for a quick, healthy-licious on-the-go snack? These Salted Chocolate Energy Balls are just the ticket. I’ve tried a lot of different recipes for energy balls recently. My main criteria: they had to be tasty, easy to make and hold together well. But I never really found one that fit the bill.

So I finally decided to craft my own. It took a bit of experimenting to get the right formula, texture, and taste. (Oh darn, we had to eat the experiments!) But we think you’ll agree these Salted Chocolate Energy Balls are the bomb!

Each energy ball contains 8 grams of plant-based protein from oats, nutbutter, nuts and seeds, plus 14 grams of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, nut butter, and coconut shreds. And they only have 3 grams of added sugar from maple syrup and a few chocolate chips each. It’s recommended not to have more than 26 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar a day. So you can easily eat a couple of these to boost your protein intake, and still be well under your recommended added sugar allotment.

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