Aging Well Part 4: Get Centered and Grounded

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Get Centered and Grounded, photo credit Brian Mann, Unsplash

Yay, the moment you’ve been waiting for! In the final installment of my Aging Well Series let’s Get Centered and Grounded to help us age well. In this post, you’ll learn how to get centered and grounded, and why it’s important. We’ll take a look at my last three tips, the benefits of grounding your body (like walking barefoot), of having a centering practice (like meditation), and of keeping a daily gratitude practice (gratitude check!)

And if you missed Aging Well Parts 1, 2, and 3, be sure to check them out. I covered the importance of good quality sleep, hydration and moving your body every day in Part 1: Love Your Body; how and why to read labels for healthier eating and aging well in Part 2: Detox Your Pantry & Fridge, and what to look for as you detox your health, beauty, and home in Part 3: Detox Your Health, Beauty & Home to age well.

While all four areas in my aging well series are important, if you’re going to pick one place to start, it’s perhaps most important to get centered and grounded. After all, you can eat well and use toxin-free products, but if your monkey-mind is taking over your life, or your life is stressing you out, you won’t be healthy, nor able to age well.
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Eat the Rainbow!

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Eat the Rainbow, Anna Pelzer, Unsplash

You may have heard the saying “Eat the Rainbow,” but what does that really mean? And why is it important to eat the rainbow? Do you know how the different colors of food help your body stay healthy? And which colors of food help which body parts?

If you learned the acronym Roy G. Biv in Jr. High science, you’ll likely remember it stands for: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet—the colors of the rainbow. However, when it comes to our food, we can also add pink, white, tan, dark brown, and black to truly eat the rainbow.

The pigmentation that gives fruits, berries, and flowers their color also happens to be packed full of healthy phytonutrients. And these are nutrients that help the plants survive and thrive. So when we eat the rainbow of whole plant foods (nope—Gatorade or Jolly Ranchers don’t count!) we’re fueling our bodies with those same healthy phytonutrients. And those phytonutrients help promote brain health, eye health, heart health, reduce cancer risk, and so much more!

June is National Fruit & Vegetable month. So let’s dive and and take a look at how all the colorful fruits and veggies out there can best support your health.

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Chip-Free & Toxin-Free DIY Pedicure

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DIY Pedicure

Do you love pampering your feet and having pretty toe nails? If so, you’re going to LOVE this Chip-Free & Toxin-Free DIY Pedicure. If your feet are like mine they take a beating. They walk or hike 3-6 miles a day, stand up at work for many hours, swim, walk on the beach, practice yoga, and so much more. So make them feel great and look pretty with this chip-free & toxin-free DIY pedicure!

In fact, people often comment on my pretty toes, asking where I get my pedicures done. And they’re always shocked to find out I do them myself!? But for a variety of reasons, a DIY pedicure can be much safer than a salon pedicure.(1)

The problem with most pedicures is that they use a lot of toxic products. Luckily today there are may toxin-free alternatives. So I use products which are as toxin-free as I can find. And with my chip-free & toxin-free DIY pedicure SECRET, they usually last about 6-8 weeks. Plus my pretty toes put a big huge smile on my face every single time I look at them… giving me a giant boost of healthy oxytocin.

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Healthy Party Snacks: Hummus & Spicy Crackers

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Healthy Party Snacks, Brooke Lark, Unsplash

Do you get razzed for bringing “healthy snacks” to the party? I know I do, but the razzing stops here! With Summer picnics and parties just around the corner, these Coriander Hummus & Spicy Crackers are the perfect healthy party snacks. With these recipes, you can snack well, and let your friends and family in on a little secret: healthy party snacks can be delicious, right?!

Chickpeas in the hummus are high in fiber which benefits your gut health, while sesame seeds can act as a overall tonic for your body. And as you probably know, garlic is an amazing superfood and immune booster too.

Spicy Crackers are also packed with a variety of protein-rich seeds for a boost of energy, and fiber to help aid digestive health.

Surprise your guests or hosts by serving these delicious, healthy party snacks at your next event.
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