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Did you know these are NOT actually normal signs of aging? This is your body giving you clear warning signals that something is out of balance. And I can help you to get back in balance…

With so many specialists and “a pill for every ill”, WHO is looking at your WHOLE health picture? I’ve been there, and I can relate. That’s why I became a Functional Wellness Coach. I’m passionate about helping women 40+, who have already tried everything under the sun, to feel FANTASTIC again. Learn More

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Kicking Insomnia

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Kicking Insomnia - Tosh Hackler taking a Cat Nap

Do you struggle with insomnia? Sleep is so important for our overall health. And yet it can be so elusive sometimes. Did you know humans are the ONLY animal that don’t sleep when they are tired? Are you among the 50% of the population who suffers from insomnia? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Or maybe you fall asleep just fine—but then you wake multiple times in the night? Or do you sleep through the night OK, but wake up feeling exhausted each morning? If you can relate to any of these, read on for some sleep hacks to kick insomnia and sleep like a baby again.

Resolving insomnia is one of the top concerns of my health coaching clients and many of my readers as well. And while insomnia and sleep issues can plague us for a variety of reasons, those reasons can be very different from person to person. And they can even vary for the same person on different days, making it hard to pinpoint the exact cause. So how do you know what’s at the root of your insomnia?
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Mexican Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

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Mexican Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

This delicious Mexican Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad is perfect for any summer bar-b-que, picnic, lunch, or dinner. I got the original recipe from a client (thanks Kathy!). And then I modified it because I can never follow any recipe exactly, LOL! (Usually, I need to swap out some ingredients that may contain gluten, dairy, or nightshades, or sometimes I don’t have a particular ingredient, so I punt.)

And since we live in Mexico, I had to add a bit of Mexican flare. So check out my modified version of the original recipe that my client found online.
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Mediterranean Tapenade

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Mediterranean Tapenade ©HappyWellLifestyle

On a recent sailboat passage, we wanted a quick, healthy lunch. So I checked what I had in my fridge and pantry and whipped this Mediterranean Tapenade right up in 10 minutes. Super fast and SO delicious!!

If I’d had more time or thought ahead, I would have made the garbanzo beans, soaked them overnight in water first, then cooked them in the pressure cooker with a bit of kombu (a type of seaweed). But the quick way is with a can or jar of garbanzo beans. It’s always a trade off using canned/jarred foods. Cans can have BPA in the liners (some brands like Eden Organic Foods don’t use BPA), and most brands in jars seem to add artificial preservatives. So whenever we can, we make our own beans from scratch.

Since we were on a passage and looking for a quick meal, I used the jarred garbanzos for this recipe. Check it out, and let me know what you think?
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Why Self Care Is So Important Right Now

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why self-care is so important
You’ve probably seen the term “self-care” thrown around a lot lately. But what does self-care actually mean? And why is it so important, especially now?

Many people seem to equate it with going to a spa for a massage or getting a mani/pedi. And those can definitely fall under the category of self-care. However, self-care is so much more than that.

The Oxford Dictionaries definition of self-care:
“The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.”

And thanks to bio-individuality—every “BODY” is different—self-care may mean something different for each and every one of us. But no matter what form of self-care speaks to you, we all need to start embracing it sooner than later. Truth: living in a Covid-world, with a war going on is stressful, there’s no way around that. The good news is self-care helps to balance out the stress. Yet most of us are woefully deficient in this important wellness concept.

It’s part of our Western culture of doing more, bigger, faster, better…the go-go-go mentality. We wear our super-cape as we strive to be the super-mom, the super-employee, the super-boss, super-homemaker, and the super-spouse. Yet we often end up with the short end of the stick. Best case, we may feel like we’ve only done a half-assed job at any one of those things, feeling completely exhausted as a result, and potentially becoming hypo-adrenal…

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