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How can a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach help you? Are you 50+ and feel like your body has let you down? Struggling with low energy, brain fog, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, or chronic aches and pains? Have you been to the doctor only to be told it’s all in your head? Are you too young to feel this old?

Did you know these are NOT normal signs of aging? This is your body giving you clear signals that something is out of balance. I can help you!

I can totally relate. Unfortunately with so many medical specialists these days and “a pill for every ill”, WHO is looking at your WHOLE health picture? I’ve been there… and that’s why I became a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach, to help you thrive in wellness.

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What Does Wellness Mean To You?

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Do you ever stop to think about what wellness means to you? When we’re healthy and well, we often take our health and wellness for granted. But that can sure turn around in an instant.

Unfortunately, last week we experienced such an instant. My husband Kirk tripped on a friend’s shag carpet throw rug under their coffee table. His hands were full as he was carrying things from the dining table to the kitchen. So as he went flying—along with the things he was carrying—he didn’t have time to get his hands out in front of him. And he took a face-plant into the coffee table. No bueno! He cracked a rib and his cheekbone, along with several places around his orbital bone.

We have a saying on the boat, “One hand for yourself, one hand for the boat.” Maybe that would be good to employ on land as well?! This accident has really made us think about our overall health and wellness, and where we can improve upon it as we age.
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Why Care About Vitamin D Deficiency?

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Why Care About Vitamin D Deficiency? https://www.thorne.com/products/dp/d-10-000

Updated from original post dated: September 30, 2014

Why has Vitamin D Deficiency been in the news and all over the web lately, and why should you care? For starters, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature, “Vitamin D deficiency markedly increases the chance of having severe disease after infection with SARS Cov-2 [COVID-19]. The intensity of inflammatory response is also higher in vitamin D deficient COVID-19 patients. This all translates to increase morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 patients who are deficient in vitamin D.”(1)(2) No bueno!

And that’s just the most current tip of the iceberg when it comes to vitamin D deficiency. Besides rickets, vitamin D deficiency has also been implicated in a wide variety of ailments ranging from enhanced intestinal permeability (a.k.a. Leaky Gut), osteopenia, and osteoporosis, to autoimmune conditions, Parkinson’s, and cancer. So as you can see, vitamin D is a VERY important nutrient.

So could you have Vitamin D Deficiency? How can you find out? And how can you safely supplement if you’re deficient? Let’s find out…
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Are You Eating Enough Fruits & Veggies?

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Are you eating enough fruits and veggies

Are you eating enough fruits and veggies? If you’re like most Americans the answer is likely “no”. Recent data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that just 1-in-10 American adults are eating enough fruits and veggies.(1) That means 90% of us are not getting enough fruits and veggies every day. Our children are equally deficient. And BIPOC communities are faring far worse.(2)

So what is the recommended amount of daily fruits and veggies anyway? The USDA’s “recommended amount” is 5 to 9 half-cup servings of fruits and veggies a day. But that is the bare minimum to survive, not to thrive. If you’re going for optimal health instead of the bare minimum, according to research shared in Dr. Mark Hyman’s book Food Fix (which I highly recommend reading!), you’ll want to eat 13 to 15 half-cup servings of fruits and veggies—in a wide range of colors—each day. And athletes need to eat even more. Wow! That’s a LOT. Especially when, ironically, only 2% of all agricultural land in the US is now used for growing fruits and vegetables.

Even as a functional medicine health coach, who eats pretty clean and healthy, I know I generally don’t eat 13 to 15 servings of fruits and veggies a day. How about you? It’s hard to wrap our heads around how much that really is. So let’s break it down a few different ways.

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Healthy Holiday Treats!

| Desserts, GF Recipes, Gluten Free | Comment

healthy holiday treats

Who doesn’t love healthy holiday treats, right? I strive to live by the 90/10 rule, meaning 90% of the time I eat as clean and healthy as I can, but that doesn’t mean deprivation. We eat amazingly delicious healthy meals. And 10% of the time I eat whatever I want! Does that surprise you? The more surprising thing to me is that because I read labels to know WHAT is in things—and because I know what those ingredients actually DO to my body—I don’t even want some of the things I used to crave.

Seriously, my list of fav “treats” used to include Skittles and Jolly Ranchers (full of artificial coloring/flavoring, and high fructose corn syrup), Red Vines (full of wheat/gluten, artificial coloring/flavoring plus high fructose corn syrup), Berry Pop-Tarts (again wheat/gluten, high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring/flavoring), you get the point… Even though I used to love and crave those foods, today you likely couldn’t pay me to eat them. As the saying goes, “once you know, you can’t unknow.” And, “when you know better, you do better.” And since I KNOW what those ingredients do to my body (ie: cause inflammation, excess body fat, and brain fog just to name a few), it’s definitely NOT a treat for me to harm my one and only body.

So I opt for healthy holiday treats instead. And I’m sharing a few of my fav recipes with you here. These healthy holiday treats fall into my 10% rule. And they are mostly “healthy” although they do contain a bit of organic coconut sugar, maple syrup, or molasses. But they also contain other healthy ingredients, like cocoa powder (an amazing antioxidant and also a good source of magnesium), almonds (rich in magnesium and healthy fats), coconut oil (a great healthy fat), pomegranate seeds (among the highest antioxidants of any fruit), and pumpkin seeds (full of protein, vitamin K, iron, and zinc), or ginger (immune balancing and anti-inflammatory). Plus, these healthy holiday treats taste SO good, no one will know they are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and vegan!

Are you ready to try some Dark Chocolate Christmas Bark with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, or Vegan Dark Chocolate Salted Truffles, or how about a slice of Spicy GF Gingerbread Cake?

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