Kickstart Your Health for Summer

Need more energy? Want to sleep better? Crave more happiness in your life? Want to kick your sugar or caffeine habit? Maybe even shed a few pounds? Then my intensive, 9-week private coaching program, Kickstart Your Health for Summer is just the program for you!

Learn to un-stress, unwind, and make your health a priority. After all, you only have one body-and-mind. This 9-week Holistic Health and Wellness program will cover topics including:

  • Kick Your Caffeine & Sugar Habit
  • Discover Hidden Food Allergies
  • Nourish Your Brain with Healthy Fats & Oils
  • Restore Your Gut Microbiome
  • Label Reading 101
  • Detox Your Health & Beauty Routine
  • Ayurvedic Health & Meditation
  • Healing Foods & Healthy Recipes
  • Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Learn more and register today! Your Body will thank you.

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