Keep Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Herbs Fresh

Looking for ways to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh longer? Since we ditched plastic storage containers several years ago, we store most of our dry-foods in glass mason jars. We are so happy to be storing things in glass instead of plastic now, but are mason jars the best option?

Most mason jars are clear and let in UV light which can oxidize the foods stored in them. Oxidization can make foods spoil faster. Living in the salt-air on our sailboat, the metal lids tend to rust quickly making the seal not very air-tight, and heat and humidity can contribute to our nuts, seeds, and dried herbs going bad more quickly too.

Oxidation of oils like those found in nuts and seeds causes rancidity. Eating rancid foods (including rancid nuts and seeds, chips, crackers, and cooking oils) are one of the biggest contributors of free radicals…and free radicals promote aging and cancer. No Bueno! Naturally, we want to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs as fresh as possible. So I had been looking for other storage solutions when Infinity Jars found me! Funny how the Universe works like that. 😀

Infinity Jars

Full disclosure, Infinity Jars contacted me and asked me to write a post about their products in exchange for 4 jars that I could use and test before writing this article. I normally don’t consider reviewing products for “pay” (or free products in this case), because I don’t want my blog to turn into a big paid advertisement. But since I had been looking for storage jars like this, (and since I’m trying to listen to my intuition more and pay attention to WHAT the Universe is sending my way!) it piqued my interest and I took a closer look. was really impressed with what I read about Infinity Jars, plus the way I look at it, if you like a restaurant or a new store, you usually let your friends know about it, right? So I decided to take them up on their offer and personally test and review these jars for you…

Their jars are a very dark violet glass (first invented by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago to block out UV rays!) and look almost black. The jar walls are much thicker than your typical glass mason jar, and most of the air-tight screw-top lids are a heavy-duty black plastic, but their apothecary jars have water-tight glass lids. As you can see from the photos here they are nicely designed (another important factor to this graphic designer!) They also come with labels to label what’s inside, since you can’t see through the glass at all.

Infinity Jars website claims: “Infinity Jars can actually slow down the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of whatever you put inside. What sets Infinity Jars apart from all other jars is that it blocks out all harmful visible light rays while selectively ALLOWING infrared and UV-A rays.”

The Fresh Tomato Test

That all sounded good, but was it just marketing hype? I received my jars in late January and decided to replicate their cherry tomato test to see if I got the same results. I put a cherry tomato into a small Infinity Jar, sealed the lid, and promptly forgot about it.

Ok, that’s not entirely accurate…if you read my last post (Heart-Healthy Cocoa-Blueberry Smoothie) you know my husband, Captain Kirk, had a stroke in early February, so I’ve had my hands full for a while and thinking about the Infinity Jars and my tomato test weren’t really on my radar.

Three months later the Capitán is recovering very nicely (thanks for all of the LOVE and healing energy!) Tai Chi and yoga are helping him regain his balance, and physical therapy is re-building his strength. I’m finding more time to get back to my projects and to-do list items, like writing my blog…and I suddenly remembered my tomato experiment and the Infinity Jars…Gulp!

They did their tomato test for 7-months, and I only did mine for 3-months. (Tomato on left is fresh, tomato on right was in jar for three months.) I used a different jar than they did, mine had the plastic screw top lid, where theirs used the glass apothecary screw-top lid. I also opened my jar after about 6-weeks to look at the tomato, which let some oxygen in and potentially more oxidation occurred.

So ultimately my tomato didn’t fare quite as well as theirs. However, it was definitely still edible after three months, which was pretty shocking. I also put some other herbs and spices like fresh moringa leaf (stay tuned for a post about this super-food soon), into the spice-sized jars. Those herbs stayed bright green instead of turning the typical olive-greenish dried-herb color that you often see in a few weeks or month with other storage jars.

Keep Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Herbs Fresh Longer

Over-all we’ve been very happy with how the Infinity Jars helped keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh longer. Although I wouldn’t typically store fresh fruit or veggies in them, the tomato experiment showed you certainly could do that, however we prefer to eat our fruits and veggies FRESH when ever we can. Because the Capitán and I both love to cook with a lot of herbs and spices and we want to keep keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh as long as possible—we plan to purchase more Infinity Jars for our herbs and spices soon. And we’ll upgrade our larger quart-size jars for storing nuts, seeds, and dried fruits over time as well. (These are NOT canning jars, so if you’re canning your own fruits and veggies, definitely stick with mason jars.)

You Get What You Pay For

This has long been one of my mottos of life, taught to me by my step-dad when I was just a kid (thanks Pete!) “Pay for quality and it will last. Buy cheap and you’ll spend more money in the long run, re-buying it when it wears out.” This also goes hand in hand with trying to live more sustainably and get out of the “disposible” society we live in these days.

Infinity Jars Infinity Jars aren’t cheap. Due to their dark-violet color and heavy-weight construction they are a bit more expensive than your standard mason jars. But you definitely get what you pay for, and you get a 15% discount if you buy in bulk .

With the price of nuts and herbs these days, when you compare the cost of the jars to the cost of replacing your nuts and seeds that went rancid too quickly, or your dried herbs that no longer hold their flavor, I think you’ll come out ahead in the end. Infinity Jars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including for health and beauty products, herbal medicines, and more. I know you’ll love using them to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh longer!

Please leave a comment to let us know if you’ve tried Infinity Jars, and what you store in yours?

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