How to Keep Cool in a Heatwave

keep cool in a heat waveWow what a summer! Seattle is forecast to reach mid-90’s today, Las Vegas and Phoenix nearly 115! So what can you do to keep cool in a heatwave?

Keep Cool in a Heatwave

It’s easy to get over heated when the outside temperatures soar. So it’s always recommended for the sick or elderly to stay indoors during a heatwave. And preferably using air conditioning or fans to stay cool. But even if you’re hale and hearty, the heat can get to you too.

Here’s my little go-to trick to help keep cool when it’s hot out. Run cold water or an ice cube on the insides of your wrists, back of your neck, and/or backs of your knees. These are the places where your blood flows closest to your skin, and applying cold to those areas can really help cool you down. The converse is also true, and in the winter time I run warm water over my wrists to help me warm up.

Keep COOL and remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration! And please leave a comment to let us know your top cool-down tricks?

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