How to Kick A Cold Before It Kicks You

How to Kick A Cold Before It Kicks YouCold and flu season is upon us. So what’s my secret to kick a cold? Though I usually stay very healthy, I somehow managed to catch the latest cold last weekend.

We’ve been sailing down the California coast, stopping to visit lots of friends and family along the way. A cold was the last thing I expected or needed as I don’t like to risk infecting others, but also didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun!

Luckily I have a whole arsenal of things to help me kick a cold. As quickly as it came on, it was gone 2-days later. So how do you kick a cold before it kicks you?

  1. Stay well hydrated. One of the easiest ways to catch a cold is to become dehydrated (I think that’s what did me in!) As you become dehydrated your mucous membranes dry out and can crack, opening up your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. At the first tickle of my throat, I started kicking my cold by drinking cups of hot tea all day long, alternating between my Cold Remedy Tea and ginger tea. Staying hydrated helps flush out the toxins from your cells and rehydrates your mucous membranes.
  2. Turmeric-Honey This is a great folk remedy for sore-throats. Thoroughly mix ¼-cup raw organic honey* with 2 Tablespoons of powdered turmeric until it forms a nice paste. Eat ½ teaspoon every few hours or mix into your tea. *Do not give honey to young children.
  3. Check out these immune-boosting remedies from an earlier post Get Well Quick Remedies, including Sambucus Syrup, Anti-V, Vitamin A, and Xylear natural sinus spray.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is one of your body’s main mechanisms for repair and recovery. If you have problems falling asleep or waking up too early, try NYR Organic Remedies to Roll Night Time on your pulse points before bed.
  5. Meditate meditating is another excellent way to help your body repair. If you are new to meditation, try one of these guided meditations from Deepak Chopra.
  6. Eat light, healthy, non-mucous forming foods This would include avoiding dairy as well as foods like bananas, avocados, and chocolate that all can cause mucous.

If you do catch a cold, ensure you wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs. Try this recipe for making my Thieves Oil Hand Spray, or if you prefer to buy a hand spray Neil’s Yard Remedies Organic has a new toxin-free Organic Defense Hand Spray.

Leave a comment to let us know your go-to cold-fighting remedies. And here’s to a healthy autumn!

3 Responses to “How to Kick A Cold Before It Kicks You”

  1. Christine

    Glad I found your blog! Thank you for all the great tips. I’ll share that raw garlic and onion with dinner or lunch always gives me a boost.

  2. monica

    Great article…I’ve been fighting a cold since Atlanta…….wish I’d had seen this earlier…I’m going to get some turmeric and honey tea right now! Thank you! Loved meeting you!

    • Heidi

      Hi Monica, sorry you got sick at our conference! Hope the turmeric honey worked well for you!


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