Holistic Health and Wellness Interview

Naomi Horne interviews Heidi Hackler, HappyWellLifestyle.com, on Holistic Health & NutritionI’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in Naomi Horne’s Living Your Best Year Video Summit. If you missed seeing me interviewed about Holistic Health and Wellness you can now catch it on my YouTube channel.

I was asked to participate in a video summit along with 30 experts in six different areas: Health & Fitness, Passion Purpose & Profit, Happiness & Well Being, Psychic Medium & Intuition, Spirituality, and Relationships.

Some of the topics I discussed in my holistic health and wellness interview with Naomi include:

  • kicking your sugar habit (big surprise there if you’ve been following me! LOL)
  • eating a wheat-free/gluten-free diet
  • boosting and maintaining your immune system for a healthy life
  • dealing with food allergies
  • how to avoid toxic health and beauty products
  • overall holistic health and nutrition

Check out my interview on Holistic Health and Wellness here:

Holistic Health & Wellness Interview

Naomi Horne Interviews Heidi Hackler

HappyWellLifestyle YouTube Channel

Note: In the portion of the video on health and beauty products, I made a reference to the Skin Deep database website and inadvertently gave the wrong URL. Here is the correct URL: SkinDeep.

I’d love to know what you think about my interview, and what new info you learned. Please leave a comment to let me know.

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