Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats

candy-cornAs a kid growing up, I loved Halloween — it was the one day of the year when we got to eat as much candy as we wanted (or any candy, really.) My mom didn’t let us have much sugar, and I was always mortified that she never gave out candy at Halloween. Instead, our house gave out boxes of raisins or small bags of peanuts (this was before peanut allergy awareness.) Some years we convinced my mom to let us give out caramel-corn, because popcorn was “healthy”.

As a young adult, I used to live for “candy-corn season”, but I’ve since changed my ways. As the saying goes, “mother knows best.” Today I opt to hand out healthier treats too. 90% of Americans have unsafe levels of blood sugar and I don’t feel the need to contribute to that statistic. [Sign up for my eNewsletter and download my free e-book on sugar for more facts and tips like these.]

If you’d like to help your neighborhood have a healthier Halloween, here are some alternative treats to hand out:
• Snack packets of dried fruit, baked pretzels, nut and seeds (e.g. unsalted almonds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds)
• Mini boxes of raisins
• Trail mix packets
• Turkey jerky (preferably organic, watch for salt/nitrites)
• Dark chocolate bars
• Granola / protein bars (look for ones with fewer than 6grams of sugar and no transfats)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Kari :)

    All Great suggestions, Thank you! We have also seen houses who hand out dimes, quarters, or stickers, pencils etc. for non food treats!


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