Having Your Cake And Eating it Too: The 90-10 Philosophy

20131124-221030.jpgI strive to eat a healthy, well balanced diet when ever possible. For me this is a diet full of organic greens and other veggies, devoid of gluten, dairy, and most sugar and sweets other than fruit. Some people, (friends and family included), can’t imagine ever living without gluten, dairy or sugar in their diet. They feel like giving those things up is too big a sacrifice. For me it’s no sacrifice at all, it’s a matter of feeling great, vs not feeling so great. And I choose to feel great when ever I can. However, you can’t always control what you eat, especially when traveling.

When I was studying to become a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach we learned about the 90-10 Philosophy, which states…“90% of the time strive to eat healthy, well balanced meals and 10% of the time eat what ever you feel like eating.”

We are currently traveling in Baja and I’ve had to take the 90-10 Philosophy to heart, putting my desire for eating organic produce on hold, as it is nearly impossible to find here. But I still choose to avoid things on the dirty-dozen list. We also had the pleasure of attending a friend’s birthday party while here. Although I rarely eat sugar anymore, she made a special effort to have a gluten-free-vegan cake which was soooo delicious. I had to have my cake and eat it too…I even had seconds! As the saying goes, “everything in moderation…even moderation.”

You can read more about the 90-10 Philosophy, and other ways that what you eat is effecting how you feel (after all, you are what you eat), in the book Integrative Nutrition, by Joshua Rosenthal.

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