Happy Well Lifestyle Lemon Olive Oil Recipe

lemon-olive-oilHave you tried Lemon Olive Oil? WOW — we first tasted it on our vacation to Italy last spring, and were instantly hooked! It can be a bit pricey to buy, so we started making it ourselves at home.

Try adding it to all kinds of foods: on oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, on salads for lunch, on grilled fish for dinner. It even makes baked sweet potatoes taste like sweet potato pie! It adds extra good-fats and lemony deliciousness to every meal. Here’s a recipe to make your own


750ml EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
8-12 ripe organic lemons* with nice skins (depending on size: 8 if they are larger, 12 if they are smaller)
extra jar for storage (750ml capacity or larger)


Wash lemons and allow to dry thoroughly.

With a vegetable peeler, peel off just the top zest (yellow) layer of skin, make sure not to get any of the white “pith” as that can make your olive oil bitter.

Place the peels in the bottom of the extra jar.

Pour the EVOO over the peels (if you try to put the peels into the top of a full jar, they will float, you want them at the bottom, covered in oil.)

Store in a cool, dark place for 4-8 weeks, the longer you keep it stored the more “lemony” it will taste. (We prefer to let ours sit for 8-weeks before using.)

When you are ready to use it, strain the oil to remove the peels and any other sediment from the bottom of the jar. If you kept the original jar you can pour your new lemon olive oil back into it.

Consider starting a second batch about 4-weeks after starting the first batch, to ensure you always have some on hand.

There are many recipes online that call for cooking the oil with the lemon peels, or only storing it for 2-weeks. You don’t want to use these recipes as heating the olive oil will degrade it, and only storing it for 2-weeks won’t get much lemon flavor into the oil.

*Be make sure to use organic lemons — as the lemon oils from the peel are being drawn out into the olive oil anything else that is on the skin will be pulled into the olive oil with it.

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