Happy International Day of Happiness

photo of bottle nose dolphin with smileHappy first day of spring! In spite of the record rainfall amounts (or maybe because of them?) Seattle is experiencing one of the most beautiful springs I can remember. My favorite flowering shrub, Daphne Odora, has been perfuming up neighborhoods for a month now. Magnolias and cherry trees are all abloom; daffodils and crocuses are popping up everywhere.

Interestingly, besides being the first day of spring, March 20th is also “International Day of Happiness”, as proclaimed by the United Nations. 140 countries around the world are celebrating HAPPINESS today.

And since this blog covers better living through Happiness and Wellness, it seems an appropriate place to celebrate the second annual International Day of Happiness. So what is the International Day of Happiness?

So what is the International Day of Happiness

According to the Day of Happiness website “In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a groundbreaking resolution which recognized happiness as a ‘fundamental human goal’ calling for ‘a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes happiness and well-being of all peoples’.”

There are all kinds of happiness events happening worldwide today. Do an Internet search to see what’s happening in your city or town, and join in the fun.

A recent study done at Harvard found that giving makes people happier than receiving. And it isn’t just true for giving gifts or money; it also applies to giving your time, helping someone in need, or even giving a compliment.

6 Tips for Adding More Happiness to Your Life:

  1. Compliment three people each day. By making other’s happy, it helps to make you happy as well.
  2. Aim to commit one “random act of kindness” a day. Let a car merge in front of you instead of speeding up; give up your seat on the bus to someone more in need; or pay for a latte for the person in line behind you… “Pay it Forward”.
  3. Volunteer your time or expertise to help others; local non-profit organizations are always looking for people with time or expertise to volunteer in a variety of areas.
  4. Give a smile to everyone you see…you’ll be surprised how many smiles you receive in return.
  5. Go for a walk and appreciate nature all around you. Even if you live in a city, there are parks, flower boxes, birds, and maybe even a cute puppy to pet!
  6. Lastly, watch this video of the Oscar-nominated song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
  7. Please leave a comment below on what makes you happy, or ideas to make others happy.
    Happy International Day of Happiness!

    Oh, and if you’re curious about the dolphin photo…dolphins are my favorite animal and they always put a smile on my face.

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