How to Find Safe, Organic Sunscreens

sunscreenLOVING the Seattle SUNSHINE this summer, but I don’t love wearing Sunscreen…I have always had a problem with putting sunscreen on my skin. The skin is your largest organ and it absorbs anything it comes into contact with. Most sunscreens on the market are chock-full of toxic chemicals that I can’t even pronounce, and I really don’t want to put those on my skin. So I’ve been on a search to find safe, organic sunscreens

I’m lucky that I have olive skin and don’t burn easily, but I also know that anyone can get skin cancer…and I really want to ward off wrinkles as long as possible. Besides searching to find safe, organic sunscreens, I’m also keen to find sunscreens that don’t make my skin feel coated and greasy. I usually cover up with a wide brim hat and stay out of the direct sunlight, rather than coat myself with sunscreen.

Find Safe, Organic Sunscreens

If you’re like me, and don’t want to put toxic chemicals on your face just to ward off wrinkles and cancer, here are a few non-toxic options for you to try:
Environmental Working Group’s database lists SAFE sunscreen options

Two that I found work well for me are:
Badger Sunscreen and
Color Science Mineral Sunscreen Brush (SPF 50)

Hope these resources help you to find safe, organic sunscreens. It’s recommended to consult your own dermatologist if you have any skin care concerns. Please leave a comment to let us know your favorite organic, toxin-free sunscreen.

2 Responses to “How to Find Safe, Organic Sunscreens”

  1. Rita

    Plain coconut oil and or Shea butter are both extremely good sunscreens and are very inexpensive. Plus you have the added bonus that they serve more than one purpose. You can cook with the coconut oil and made many other skin products from thw Shea butter.

  2. Heidi

    Thanks for your comment Rita. Yes, many plant oils contain natural SPF, coconut oil and olive oil are naturally SPF 8, and Raspberry Seed Oil is naturally SPF 30.


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