Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Stuck in a job or career, feeling the need for something different but don’t know how to change? Stuck in a relationship you know isn’t working, but don’t know how to end it? Looking to live life to the fullest from your heart but don’t know where to begin?

Woman feeling stuck: Stuck TelesummitI’m excited to tell you that I have been chosen to be a guest in an amazing free Telesummit on how to get “Un-Stuck”. My friend Linda Vettrus-Nichols has gathered 14 women ages 16-77 for these heart centered interviews that will change the way you look at life as well as your business.

I hope you’ll join the Telesummit to catch my interview, as well as interviews of these other amazing women. This FREE Telesummit Stuck? Change Your Sale runs March 2-8, 2015, with two interviews each day, delivered right to your inbox.

Click here for the details: Stuck Telesummit

Stuck? Change Your Sale

7 Secrets to Massive Change

The vision for your life and your business has gotten a bit blurry. You’ve enrolled in programs to get you “Unstuck”, but you haven’t put them into action. You know it’s time to reclaim who you are… Did you know it’s not what you sell, but WHO you sell that matters?

Join 14 Women of All Ages for 7 Days

Learn the 7 Secrets to their Massive Change
YOU will come away knowing HOW to embody and take YOUR Own Massive Action

Being STUCK will never have a hold on you again!


Because YOU will know the secrets for YOUR Massive Change

My friend Linda Vettrus-Nichols is an entrepreneur, mother, and wife who knows what it’s like to get STUCK. After leaving a “starter marriage” of 33 years and finding Terry Earthwind Nichols, the love of her life, Linda realized that the true love of her life was herself. She is now a woman filled with LaDestina, a sense of her own destiny. Even though she got stuck many times along the way, Linda eventually discovered and embodied 7 spiritual truths that can reduce the emotional pain that comes from not listening to your soul. She believes that if you feed your own soul you will be successful in your own eyes as well as in the eyes of others. It is important to pay attention to YOUR creative patterns and know YOUR vision. All it takes is a willingness to open, explore, and find the tools and resources to support you. This event is one of those resources…

Click here for the details: Stuck Telesummit

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