Eating Healthy While Traveling

jetblue-shape-up-snack-packEating healthy while traveling long distances can be a challenge — especially if you are gluten-free and dairy-free like I am. I always pack some healthy snacks to eat onboard long flights. But with airport security not allowing liquids or gels, and some international locations not allowing produce, it can be hard to know whats ok to bring along. I’ve had jam, applesauce, carrots and grapes all confiscated before.

On a recent trip for business my husband booked us on jetBlue. I’d never flown jetBlue before and had visions of being stuck on the tarmac for hours without food. So I was initially not very happy about his choice of airlines. Imagine my surprise* when the flight-attendant offered their gluten-free, dairy-fre “Shape Up” snack-pack (which is also Kosher if you follow a Kosher diet.) This relatively healthy snack box cost $6 US and contained the following items:

  • Crunchmaster GF multi-grain crackers
  • Tasty Mediterranean pitted green olives with basil and garlic
  • Milas Hummus
  • The Good Bean roasted chick peas
  • Sun-maid Raisins
  • Pamela’s GF gingersnap

As a general rule of thumb for packing your own food to eat while flying, TSA now allows pre-packaged foods including applesauce packets and small containers of nut butters. If you are traveling internationally, or to Hawaii or Puerto Rico and you plan to bring along any produce snacks, be sure to finish them on board the plane or risk having them confiscated when you land.

*Sidebar: Besides my elation at finding GF/DF snacks, I was so pleasantly surprised by the ample amount of legroom and other extra amenities onboard — In just one trip jetBlue has now become my favorite airline!

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