DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub

Show your body some love this winter with this DIY Sugar Scrub. I’ve been making this scrub and giving it for holiday, birthday, or shower gifts for a few years. And people always ask for the recipe because they love it so much!

As part of my passion for helping you live a toxin-free lifestyle, I always advocate not putting anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat. Luckily, this DIY Sugar Scrub is definitely good enough to eat! After all, your skin is like a sponge, directly absorbing up to 60% of what you put onto it. And since your skin is the largest organ in your body—and a major player in helping your body remove toxins—you definitely don’t want to be putting anything toxic onto your skin.

So check out this yummy-licious DIY Sugar Scrub full of ingredients so healthy you could actually eat it. Not only does it do a fantastic job of exfoliating your skin and keeping it healthy, it also smells divine in your shower!

DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub

While it’s a good idea to cut back on eating sugar for a variety of health reasons, as an exfoliant scrub for your body this DIY Sugar Scrub is amazing! This recipe makes enough for one or two jars, depending on jar size. You can easily triple or sextuple the recipe to make more gifts.


2-1/4 cups brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon or 1 tsp cocoa powder (depending on which scent you prefer)
1/4 cup coconut oil or almond oil
2 tsp pure vanilla
pint mason jar or other decorative jar or tub


Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon or cocoa powder in a mixing bowl. Add the coconut or almond oil and pure vanilla and mix thoroughly until all of the sugar is saturated with the oil.

Fill the jars, and add a festive ribbon or fun gift tag with the recipe on the back.

Makes 2.5 cups

Download FREE Holiday Gift Tags for your DIY creations here.

Enjoy and please leave a comment to let us know how you like the DIY Sugar Scrub, or what modifications you tried?

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