Is Your Cat’s Purr Healing You?

cat purr healing Cats were revered by ancient Egyptians for their special powers. Now scientific research may shed some light on one of the reasons why.

Last week we were houseboat sitting for friends and taking care of their two cats. Unfortunately for me, I had over-extended my shoulder and tweaked a muscle and it was really bothering me. That night as we went to bed, their cat Bella cuddled up around my shoulder, putting her head right on the part that was really sore, and started purring away.

This reminded me about an article that I had read about the healing powers of cats’ purrs. Could Bella be sensing my tweaked muscle and trying to help heal me? Is Your Cat’s Purr Healing You?

According to the, “When a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hertz, nearby humans may be therapeutically benefiting from these vibrations.”

And from an article in Scientific American: “This association between the frequencies of cats’ purrs and improved healing of bones and muscles may provide help for some humans.”

Scientists are studying astronauts who lose bone and muscle mass when they are in space for very long. Interestingly having a cat purr nearby can increase bone density by 30%! They also seem to purr to help heal themselves, which may be why they have 9-lives.

Though I can’t say for sure that Bella healed my tweaked shoulder muscle, it definitely felt waaaaay better the next morning.

Check out this info graphic from on some of the other healing properties of cats:

infographic: healing powers of cats

Leave me a comment if you have any stories of being healed by cat purrs…

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