Can Meditating Help You Live Longer?

DNACan Meditating Help You Live Longer? I’ve written several previous posts on the health benefits of meditation. And I’ve also mentioned telomeres “tee-low-mares” in a couple of posts. New scientific research is starting to link the two together.

Since I’ve been meditating for almost 25 years now, this new research is very exciting to read about. So what are telomeres, and what do they have to do with meditating? And how can meditating help you live longer?

What are Telomeres?

In simple terms, you can think of telomeres like the plastic caps on the ends of your shoelaces. Telomeres encase and help protect the ends of our chromosomes. Every time a cell in our body divides and replicates, the telomeres get a bit shorter. Over time they become too short to replicate and the cell dies.

Just as when the plastic caps start to come apart and your shoelaces start to fray…when your telomeres become too short, things can go haywire with your genes including aging, and cancer.

Scientists have known for several years that regular exercise actually helps to grow longer telomeres on the ends of your chromosomes, which helps promote longevity. But new studies at institutions like University of California San Francisco and Harvard are finding amazing things about telomeres.

How Can Meditation Help You Live Longer?

It turns out that regular meditation can extend the length of your telomeres as much or more than regular exercise. Doing regular meditation and exercise, combined with a healthy diet is a powerhouse for longevity.

You can read more about meditation and longevity, and some of the inspiring studies being done in this Huffington post article on Change Your Genes with Meditation.

New to Meditation? Here’s an Easy Way to Start Meditating or Get a Refresher

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  1. Laren

    So fascinating about telomeres! Great post Heidi. I am registered for both meditation events. Happy to be joining you!

    • Heidi

      Thanks Laren, so happy you are joining us in the Global Meditation for PEACE, and in Oprah & Deepak’s new 21-day Meditation for Happiness! Glad you liked the post on telomeres too! 🙂


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