Bouncy the Giraffe

Bouncy the Giraffe, by Verne HuserIn the category of HAPPINESS, I’m so excited to announce that my 84 year old Dad’s new book, Bouncy the Giraffe, is now available on Amazon!

My naturalist and historian dad, Verne Huser, has authored books on topics ranging from Western US rivers and white water rafting to the watercraft of Lewis & Clark. But this is his first children’s book, written almost 50-years ago for my brother and me when we were young kids.

At the time, we lived across the country from our dad, and each week he would mail us a new chapter of Bouncy the Giraffe, the story of a baby giraffe who dropped so far to the ground when he was born that he bounced back up and couldn’t stop bouncing…

I had the pleasure of working with my dad along with illustrator Tamia Sheldon, to design and produce this fun children’s book. If you have young kids, grandkids, or friends with kids, I hope you’ll purchase a copy of Bouncy the Giraffe! I loved it as a kid and I know they will too. This is the first of several books in the series, stay tuned for more to come…

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