Are Your Cosmetics Killing You?

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Several years ago I learned about EWG’s Skindeep website, the cosmetic database listing health and beauty products along with their ingredient safety ratings and health information. I checked it out, looked up my shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and sunscreen. And I was shocked!

EWG had rated most of these as “high-hazard” in terms of the numbers of toxic chemicals they contained. These products contain chemical ingredients known to cause learning disabilities, cancer, and birth defects. I tossed all mine and found new, natural or organic versions of everything.

But I didn’t look up my cosmetics. After all, finding that perfect eyeliner or mascara that won’t smudge, or a lip color that will last can take years. Once you find your favorites, you’re loath to let them go. But are your cosmetics killing you? This short video on toxins in cosmetics is pretty eye-opening!

How Bad Can a Little Mascara, Eyeliner, or Lip Gloss Be?

Actually, they can be quite bad. After all, you put them on your lips and face. It’s a little known fact that over 1,300 toxic, carcinogenic chemicals are banned in all of Europe and many other countries as well. Yet the United States refuses to ban these chemicals.

In fact, American companies regularly use these deadly chemicals in many of our cosmetics and health and beauty products. One very shocking fact is that some of these chemicals are causing mutations to young girls’ eggs, which may show up as birth defects in babies born many years later. Ironically, when American companies sell products overseas they have to reformulate them without using those same toxic chemicals.

So Are Your Cosmetics Killing You?

Check out this infographic: Fatal Attraction: Cosmetics and Chemicals, and David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid. Then check your products at home and ditch anything toxic.

What Are Some Safer Cosmetic Options?

After I saw this info-graphic last winter, I could no longer ignore my toxic cosmetics. I did a thorough cleaning out of my make-up bag, ditching all my old favorites. Then I went in search of some good organic or natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, some of those nasty chemicals are what makes make-up stay on without running or smudging.

I’ve tested a variety of natural and organic brands—some good, some not as good. Below is a list of the brands that I’ve found work very well for me. They are readily available at most natural food stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods. Though not as inexpensive as the drug store variety of make-up, they are generally comparable or less than most department store brands. And after all, isn’t using toxic-free products for your health worth spending a little more for?

Everyone looks for different things in make-up, so try these out, let me know what you think. Or leave a comment with your favorite natural or organic cosmetics.

Update: January 2015, How EWG Lists Products

Although EWG still has a great database for researching toxins in your personal care products, it’s worth noting that due to the way ingredients are mandated to be listed in the EU vs. the US, some products that are non-toxic get a bad rap from EWG. The EU mandates that all-natural components of essential oils (such as eugenol) are listed separately in the ingredients list. Because these are natural, volatile compounds found in plants, EWG lists them as potentially harmful. However, in the US, a product can just list “lavender oil”, and EWG doesn’t list that a potentially harmful at all. So you do need to know what you are looking at and take it with a grain of salt if a product contains essential oils.

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