7 Holiday Self-Care Ideas

Holiday Selfcare Ideas
Updated December 2019

Are you getting enough holiday self-care? While the holidays can bring a lot of joy and happiness, this time of year can also be stressful for many.

I’ve definitely been burning the candle at both ends lately, and not paying attention to my own self-care as much as I like to. How are you holding up this holiday season?

Remember to Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

My life has been crazy lately: I just published my book the 90 Day Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal (it makes a great holiday gift!), have picked up a few new health coaching clients, am headed back to school to study functional medicine, and we’re getting our sailboat ready to head out cruising in Mexico for the next few months. Phew! Lots on my plate, but I always try to make getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night my #1 priority.

As my health-coaching clients know I often use the oxygen mask metaphor, reminding people to put on their own “oxygen mask” (a.k.a. self-care) first. Taking care of yourself first ensures that you’ll be healthy and strong enough to help take care of others, whether that’s your kids, your spouse, or being there for friends and family if a need arises.

But attending to your own self-care first can be easier said than done, especially during the holidays. If you can take even 15-20 minutes a day to take care of yourself first, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and be better able to meet the in-laws or other family with a smile when they arrive on your doorstep, even if it’s cousin Eddie (see Tip #6 below.)

7 Holiday Self-Care Ideas

  1. Start your day with yoga-in-bed courtesy of Tara Stiles.
  2. Find 10 minutes of alone time (even if it’s in the bathroom with the door locked) to do a guided meditation, there’s also a 4-minute guided meditation here if you’re really crunched for time.
  3. Take a walk outside for 10 minutes and breathe in deeply as you walk briskly, observing the nature around you. Even in the city there are trees, shrubs, birds, or insects to observe. According to one Harvard study, spending time in nature provides a wide range of health benefits.
  4. Squeeze in a sparkly holiday pedicure along with some foot reflexology to help energize your tootsies. Sparkly toes always put a smile on my face in yoga! Find a salon with toxin-free polish and remover, or DIY your own pedicure for a healthy alternative. If you’re in the Puget Sound area, treat yourself to a pedicure from Gina at NW Hand, Foot and Nails, she’s amazing.
  5. Grab a cup of tea or coffee with an old friend, catch up, and laugh! A NY Times article shows that being social not only improves your health it also increases your life expectancy.
  6. Speaking of laughing, catch my all-time favorite holiday movie online or on DVD, Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation! It’s a Christmas Eve tradition in our family. We’ve seen it a few dozen times and I still laugh my head off every time. Lots of sap, lots of sap!
  7. End your day with a relaxing 20-minute chair yoga with my friend Amanda from the Chopra Center.

Hope these holiday self-care tips help revie you in these sometimes crazy holi-daze. I’m taking some much-needed rest this holiday season to recharge my batteries. Happy Healthy Holidays to you all!

Please leave a comment to let us know your favorite holiday self-care.

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