5 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Cucumber Melon Mint SalThis summer has been one of the nicest on record in Seattle. Daily temperatures have soared into the 80°’s and 90°’s. Today hit over 100° in a few locations around the Greater Puget Sound area, and broke records.

I happen to love our hot summer weather—it’s rarely humid and there’s usually a bit of a breeze for sailing too! But I know people who much prefer it to be in the 60°’s instead.

If you’re someone who gets easily over heated in the warmer temperatures, or you just want to cool down, you are in luck. Here are 5 refreshing tips to keep cool this summer.

5 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

  1. Avoid warming foods, which can heat up your body temperature. Warming foods include hot peppers and spicy foods like curries, chili or salsa. Alcohol is also warming, as are sour foods like yogurt and sour cream, so try to eat these foods in moderation on hot days.
  2. Eat more cooling foods, which can help you to feel cooler. Cooling foods include coconut, avocado, fennel, cucumber, melons and other sweet fruits such as grapes, cherries, mangos and pineapple, as well as spices like mint, coriander, and peppermint. Here’s a tasty, cooling Cucumber, Melon and Mint salad recipe to try.
  3. Think Peppermint, make a batch of peppermint sun-tea to have on hand. Peppermint tea is so cooling itself; you don’t really need to serve it with ice. (Conversely, in the winter when you are trying to keep warm, skip the cooling peppermint tea, and try warming ginger tea instead.)
    Note: speaking of drinking iced cold drinks to stay cool—though they can feel refreshing—they are hard on your digestion. Ice cold drinks can constrict the blood vessels in your stomach and intestines making it harder to digest food. Drinking ice-cold drinks combined with eating fatty foods can cause the fat to congeal in your stomach, making it harder to digest as well. And drinking large amounts of anything while eating can dilute your stomach acid, again inhibiting your digestion process. Best to stick to room temperature drinks while eating, and just take small sips to cleanse your pallet if you need.

  5. Ice down, when you’re feeling hot or over heated rub an ice cube (or run cold water, or a cold washcloth) on the insides of your wrists and elbows, back of your neck, or the backs of your knees. These are all places where your blood vessels flow closest to your skin. Putting ice or cold water on those areas starts to cool the blood flowing through your veins…you can even feel your blood running cooler through your body after a minute or so.
  6. Get wet, go for a swim, jump into a lake, pool, or the ocean. Don’t have a lake, pool, or ocean near by? Run through the sprinkler like when you were a kid, or even squirt yourself with a spray-bottle of water, then let the water evaporate off of you for a great cool-down.

Please leave a comment to let me know how you are keeping cool this summer!

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