5 Easy Ways to Get Fit

imageI confess, I don’t like to work-out, never have. I prefer to get my daily exercise by keeping active: walking or taking stairs when ever I can, or parking a ways away from where I’m going. I even have a standing work station so I don’t spend all day sitting.

We’re currently on a working holiday, and staying on the top floor of this hotel located on a steep hill (see photo.) Today I finally counted the stairs I’ve been climbing… 107 steps just from the lobby to the elevator! Then it’s another 6 more floors up to our room, which I’ve not yet had the courage to climb.

While climbing stairs aren’t my most favorite thing, they are a great way to get in shape. But I prefer doing yoga and Zumba, and even walking. Those activities don’t seem like “working-out” to me, and they all provide great exercise.

If you are like me and don’t like regimented exercise, try thinking outside the gym. Here are 5 easy ways to get fit and add more exercise to your day.

  1. Take the stairs when ever you can, your glutes will thank you.
  2. Park at the other end of the parking lot from where you are shopping.
  3. Get together with a few friends and walk at lunch or after work. Walking and talking makes the time fly by. Consider using a FitBit to track your steps, and try for 10,000 steps per day.
  4. Do a lap around the floor of your office building or house each hour. Set a timer to remind you to stop working, get up and walk for 5-minutes. Studies have shown moving for 5-minutes each hour can boost your metabolism all day. And while you’re at it drink a glass of water before you sit back down.
  5. Try some desk-yoga or desk-exercises. You can find lots of choices online. Or check Happy Well Lifestyle for future posts on desk-yoga and desk-exercise.

And here’s one bonus tip for good measure. Throw your own private dance party! Put on some rockin’ tunes and shake your booty – even dancing to just a song or two can work up a sweat and burn calories.

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