10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas: Gift BasketLooking for Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas this year? My friend Lisa called me the other day asking if I had any healthy holiday gift ideas for clients. She didn’t want to contribute to all of the sugar, chocolate, and candy that her clients don’t need to be eating anyway. Her question gave me the idea for this blog post. Thanks Lisa! 🙂

A quick search on Google listed a bunch of articles on “Healthy Holiday Gifts”, but if you read those articles, very few of their ideas are really very “healthy” at all.

So here are some gift ideas that are actually healthy for you and your wallet.

    Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

  1. Healthy Snacks: NatureBox has a snack-of-the-month-club with snacks that are actually fairly healthy. You can even choose from gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free options to ensure everyone can have a snack. They also have a good cause: giving away 1 million meals per year to hungry Americans.
  2. Customized Protein Bars: protein-barNot only can you customize the ingredients at You Bars, you can also put your own name, or business name on the label so when your clients are eating a nutritious snack they won’t forget who sent it to them.
  3. Organic Fruit & Nut Baskets: Organic fresh fruits, dried fruits, and nuts are a healthier step-up from the traditional holiday gift baskets. The Fruit Company, family owned farms in Oregon, has a nice selection of organic baskets that include free shipping.
  4. Healthy Gift Ideas for Friends & Family

  5. For the Yoga Enthusiast: A yoga kit yoga kits with mats, bags, blocks, towels and water bottles. Inspire your friends and family to practice yoga at home on the days they can’t make a class.
  6. For the Chef or Foodie: organic herb wreathA holiday wreath of organic herbs from Organic Bouquet, they can keep it around the kitchen for several months and think of you each time they cook.
  7. Drink Up: Water that is…a stainless steel water bottle is the perfect way to encourage all of your friends and family (even yourself?) to drink more water. I carry mine with me where ever I go so I never have an excuse for being dehydrated. Earthlust has a large selection to choose from.
  8. Hula Hooping Anyone?: Not just for kids anymore, hooping is quickly becoming the “new” latest craze in exercise. Besides being a GREAT workout, it’s also a lot of fun. Who can keep a smile off their face when they are hooping? Hoopnotica has a wide variety of hoops and even videos to learn hooping tricks. I have two hoops (one for me, one for a friend!), and take the opportunity to hoop when ever I can.
  9. Healthy Gifts That Keep Giving

  10. Gift Donations: Really, who among us needs more “stuff”? A great way to give a gift without giving “stuff” is to donate to a charity in someone’s name. Any of your favorite non-profit organizations will take donations in someone’s name. Or try one of these:
    Kiva.org Oxfam goats is a wonderful micro-finance organization where you can directly choose who your money is helping via a micro-finance loan. Last year we gave our nieces and nephew Kiva gift cards so they could choose who their gift helped.

    OxFam is another great organization where you can give the gift of chickens, goats, or cows to people in need. My mom used to always give us kids gifts like “3 goats to a farmer in Kenya”. It was fun knowing that our “gift” was helping others around the globe.

  11. DYI Gifts: Last but not least, don’t forget about Do It Yourself (DYI) gifts. People love getting home-made goodies, from soaps and bath scrubs, to home canned pickles and jams, to coupons for babysitting, dog walking, or cat sitting—something made with love doesn’t have to cost much at all. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?
  12. Healthy Gift Ideas for Pets

  13. Don’t forget the Pets!: People who love their pets love getting gifts for their pets too. In Seattle and the Puget Sound area you can shop at Mud Bay for Healthy Dogs & Cats, for a whole selection of healthy pet food, treats, and toys. If you’re not in Seattle or the Puget Sound area try shopping online at Only Natural Pet which also has a large selection of healthy pet food, treats and toys.

Lisa, I hope one of these ideas inspires you. And to everyone reading this, please leave a comment to let me know your favorite HEALTHY holiday gift ideas. HAPPY Shopping!

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