Tips to Get More Veggies Into Your Day

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Tips to Get More Veggies Into Your Day

Are you eating your daily amount of veggies? Or do you need some recipe inspiration to get more veggies into your day? These creative and savory breakfast ideas are here to inspire you!

However, in order to get more veggies into your day, you need to start from somewhere, right? So let’s start with your plate. Typically you want your plate to be at least 50% vegetables at each meal. And the more greens you eat the better for your overall health.

If that seems overwhelming, let’s break it down so you can wrap your head around how to get more veggies into your day. The US RDA (recommended daily allowance) is a minimum of nine ½-cup servings of produce a day. That’s further broken down to equal 1.5-2 cups of fruit (organic and skin-on are best options), plus 2.5 cups of veggies a day.
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Asian Grilled Fish

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Asian Grilled Fish

OMG, we just made this Asian Grilled Fish last night and it was so delish! So I had to share the recipe with you today. You could also use the marinade on grilled tofu or chicken, or even grilled veggies. We used halibut, but it would be delicious on Mahi Mahi, cod, or another firm, white fish too. And it would even be great on salmon.

We’ve been jonesing to get the BBQ going and this seemed like a good way to celebrate the nice weather. One of the things that made this Asian grilled fish so yummy was that we marinated it for 12 hours. That gave the flavors a chance to really blend and absorb into the fish. Plus the smokiness from the grill enhances any flavor.

We also steamed up some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots and served the fish with wild rice. It’s nice to know our home-cooked meals taste as good or better than any restaurant. Plus we know 100% what ingredients are going into them. So they are always gluten-free and safe for me!

With immune balancing properties of ginger, garlic, and black pepper this flavorful Asian grilled fish is a perfect meal to keep your health in tip-top shape.

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Natural Acid Reflux Relief

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Acid Reflux Relief

Looking for acid reflux relief? Did you know that popping TUMS or Rolaids like candy could actually make your acid reflux worse? If you’ve ever suffered from acid reflux or GERD, you’re in good company. Sixty-percent of Americans suffer from occasional bouts of acid reflux, while up to thirty-percent suffer from chronic acid reflux.(1) If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced it, you’ll want to keep it that way. I have personally experienced it only twice and hope never to have it again.

So what exactly is acid reflux? Acid reflux is caused by stomach acid moving back up from the stomach through the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and into the esophagus, where it doesn’t belong. Because the stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCL), the cells in the stomach are hearty enough to not be burned by stomach acid.(2) The esophagus, on the other hand, is lined with much more delicate cells that are easily burned by stomach acid.

And in-between the stomach and esophagus is the lower esophageal sphincter muscle, which is meant to close tightly during digestion and not let stomach acid or contents back up. Sometimes that process can go awry for a variety of reasons, often due to poor eating habits. And it’s important to note with very few exceptions, the root cause of acid reflux is NOT actually too much stomach acid. So let’s look at the root causes and natural ways to get acid reflux relief without using medications.

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4 Health Tips to Fight COVID-19

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4 Health Tips to Fight COVID-19

What strange times we are living in. So many new words in our vocabulary like “social distancing” and “shelter-in-place”. So much fear and panic everywhere you look. STOP. Take a deep breath. And another one… Did you know that fear and panic suppress your immune system, increasing your odds of contracting coronavirus? What can you do besides washing your hands and social distancing? You can fight back with these 4 Health Tips to Fight COVID-19.

From a holistic wellness standpoint, we want to keep our immune system well balanced and healthy. We want it to be able to fight off any pathogen that comes our way, right? And since knowledge is power, let’s look at the numbers for a minute so we have knowledge on our side. Did you know that 95% of all known cases of COVID-19 have been mild forms with few to no symptoms?(1)

A Healthy Immune System is Key

This is in no way meant to minimize the severity and extreme contagiousness of the COVID-19 virus. It is extremely virulent. However, the fact that 95% have had mild to no symptoms is likely due to their stronger immune systems. But most American’s and Westerners, in general, could take a good look at their own immune system and how their lifestyle habits support it or don’t. Likely, many people could stand to re-balance their immune systems. So with that in mind, let’s look at these four health tips to balance your immune system and fight COVID-19.

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