Chip-Free & Toxin-Free DIY Pedicure

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DIY Pedicure

Do you love pampering your feet and having pretty toe nails? If so, you’re going to LOVE this Chip-Free & Toxin-Free DIY Pedicure. If your feet are like mine they take a beating. They walk or hike 3-6 miles a day, stand up at work for many hours, swim, walk on the beach, practice yoga, and so much more. So make them feel great and look pretty with this chip-free & toxin-free DIY pedicure!

In fact, people often comment on my pretty toes, asking where I get my pedicures done. And they’re always shocked to find out I do them myself!? But for a variety of reasons, a DIY pedicure can be much safer than a salon pedicure.(1)

The problem with most pedicures is that they use a lot of toxic products. Luckily today there are may toxin-free alternatives. So I use products which are as toxin-free as I can find. And with my chip-free & toxin-free DIY pedicure SECRET, they usually last about 6-8 weeks. Plus my pretty toes put a big huge smile on my face every single time I look at them… giving me a giant boost of healthy oxytocin.

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Healthy Party Snacks: Hummus & Spicy Crackers

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Healthy Party Snacks, Brooke Lark, Unsplash

Do you get razzed for bringing “healthy snacks” to the party? I know I do, but the razzing stops here! With Summer picnics and parties just around the corner, these Coriander Hummus & Spicy Crackers are the perfect healthy party snacks. With these recipes, you can snack well, and let your friends and family in on a little secret: healthy party snacks can be delicious, right?!

Chickpeas in the hummus are high in fiber which benefits your gut health, while sesame seeds can act as a overall tonic for your body. And as you probably know, garlic is an amazing superfood and immune booster too.

Spicy Crackers are also packed with a variety of protein-rich seeds for a boost of energy, and fiber to help aid digestive health.

Surprise your guests or hosts by serving these delicious, healthy party snacks at your next event.
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Aging Well Part 3: Detox Your Health, Beauty & Home

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Detox Your Health, Beauty and Home, BFFs Heidi & Laren

In Aging Well Tips ~ Part 3 we’ll learn how to Detox Your Health, Beauty and Home. From toxin-free health and beauty products to home cleaning products, what do you need to look for to help age well as you detox your health, beauty, and home? If you missed the previous two posts, be sure to check out Part 2: Detox Your Pantry & Fridge, where we looked at how and why to read labels for healthier eating and aging well. And Part 1: Love Your Body, where we talked about the importance of good quality sleep, hydration and moving your body every day.

So if you read Part 2 I hope you learned a lot more about reading labels. This knowledge will also come in handy as you detox your health, beauty and home cleaning products. Did you know that the FDA and the EPA don’t regulate any of our Health & Beauty Products or Household Cleaning Products?

Shocking right?! I mean wouldn’t you think if you can buy something at a drugstore or grocery store that some federal agency would have certified it for safety? Well, as we learn how to Detox Your Health, Beauty and Home, you might be amazed at what you find out…

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7 Health Benefits of Lychees

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health benefits of lychees

Lychees, the sweet tropical fruit with an ambrosia-like fragrant taste, are one of my favorites. Since they are in season I’ve been eating them a lot lately. So I wondered what if any were the health benefits of lychees? Turns out there are a lot and I wanted to share! If you’re thinking “Lych- WHAT?” or aren’t familiar with lychees (“lie-cheez”, sometimes spelled “litchi fruit”), you’re in for a big treat!

It’s lychee season right now, May through June so keep your eye out when you’re grocery shopping. An exotic fruit, Lychee is a member of soapberry family. Originating in China, Lychees are now grown throughout Southeast Asia and in other tropical locales. Fresh lychees are often found in US grocery stores, and even at Costco.

In China, the heart-shaped lychee fruits have traditionally been a symbol of love and romance. The fruits are about the size of a small walnut with a very thin, rough, red, bumpy skin. The skins can be easily peeled back with your fingernails. Inside, the delicious sweet fruit has the texture and consistency of a peeled grape. They also have a pit about the size of a date pit.

Lychees have been in the limelight recently. Thai and Vietnamese restaurants now serve them in fancy cocktails, and in lychee water, lychee ice creams and other desserts. But besides being an interesting looking and delicious tasting fruit, the health benefits of lychees are numerous, so let’s take a look here…

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