Overcoming Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

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Overcoming Vitamin and Mineral DeficiencyIn Part I: Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: Are You Deficient? I explained how we came to discover that two otherwise healthy vegetarian/vegan, yogi, meditators had some severe nutritional deficiencies. Here in Part II: Overcoming Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency, I go into more specifics on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, causes, symptoms, and how to ensure you’re not deficient.

After extremely low sodium levels landed my husband in the hospital, we both had multiple tests (blood tests and hair analysis) to check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The first recommendation to overcoming vitamin and mineral deficiency was for us to add meat back into our diet. We were both low in protein, B-12, iron, and I was also very low in cholesterol.

As people age the body is less able to absorb some nutrients from food. Between 30-50% of people have some issues with nutrient absorption after age 50. The good news is that it’s usually treatable.

I’m sharing this with my readers because we learned some very important information about overcoming vitamin and mineral deficiency that everyone needs to know. After-all, if a holistic health coach can be nutrient deficient, anyone can be!

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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: Are You Deficient?

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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: Are You Deficient?Part I of a two part article on Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency. Do you eat super-healthy, drink your greens juice, or take daily supplements? If so, you may not actually be absorbing all of the nutrients you need. Vitamin and mineral absorption declines in people over age 50. As I recently found out, you can have vitamin and mineral deficiency even if you eat a healthy diet.

As a holistic health coach I have been eating “healthy” and doing everything “right” for years. So it came as a complete shock to me to find out I have quite a few key nutrient deficiencies. And one mineral is almost non-existent in my body. What?! How can that be? This is part one of two articles. How I found out I was deficient, what might be causing the deficiencies, and what I’m doing about it.

I wanted to share this important information about vitamin and mineral deficiency that everyone needs to know. After-all, if a holistic health coach can be nutrient deficient, anyone can be!

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Just Breathe

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Just BreatheBreathing is essential to life, it’s the first thing we do when we are born, and the last thing we do before we die. But how often to you remember to just breathe? Because our breath happens unconsciously we often forget that we can be conscious of our breath.

As the ancient wisdom traditions have always known—and recent scientific research is corroborating—proper breathing is very beneficial for optimal health. With conscious breathing, you can turn off of the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight or freeze) and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest.)

The good news is you have total control over your breath and how it affects your health, if you remember to just breathe. Studies have shown that a regular deep breathing practice can help to lose weight, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, aid mental clarity, and even detox your body…if you just breathe.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pine Nuts and Berries

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pine Nuts and BerriesAre you a fan of Brussels Sprouts? Or not so much? If the later is true, this recipe might surprise you! I grew up having to choke them down pretty regularly because my dad Pete loved them. But I didn’t care for them AT ALL. My husband Kirk loves Brussels Sprouts too, but I never wanted to cook them, let along eat them. Luckily for Kirk, I have become a big fan of Brussels Sprouts in the past few years after trying them roasted instead of boiled to death.

As a member of the cabbage family Brussels Sprouts (a cruciferous vegetable) are packed with vital nutrients and cancer-fighting properties. Brussels Sprouts contain the phytochemical sinigrin which has been shown to suppress the development of precancerous cells.

They also contain the phytochemicals isothiocyanates and sulforaphane which are responsible for the not-so-lovely smell that emanates from Brussels Sprouts. But those same phytochemical also neutralize free radicals and help fight dangerous carcinogens. The American Cancer Society recommends eating cruciferous vegetable a few times a week. So what about the name? …continue reading Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pine Nuts and Berries

Healthy New Year Resources

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Healthy New Year ResourcesHappy, HEALTHY New Year! Did you make a resolution or intention to start a healthier lifestyle this year? As I wrote about last year, the difference between making a resolution or setting an intention is more than just semantics.

Studies show just an 8% success rate in keeping a New Years resolution, vs 91% success rate in achieving goals for those who set an intention and create an action plan. Pretty impressive! Creating an action plan is the key.

So what if you need help or accountability with creating those healthy intentions and goals, and sticking to them?

Currently I’m creating an online course to help you do just that ~ to live a Happy Well Lifestyle! Stay tuned for more info soon on my new course and how you can participate. In the mean time I’m sharing some of my top Healthy New Year Resources. The info you learn here can help you get and STAY on track with your wellness intentions and goals in 2018.

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