Raspberry Smoothie

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raspberry smoothie

Who loves a good raspberry smoothie? Anyone besides me!?! Raspberries have always been one of my most favorite foods. They are beautiful to look at, smell and taste delicious, and fun to pick too. Did you ever pick raspberries as a kid? One for the basket, one for me, one for the basket, one for me… as it turns out, raspberries are super healthy for you too!

Ok I know it’s not exactly raspberry season right now. And in general I recommend eating seasonally as much as possible. But it’s Valentine’s Day and raspberries are my favorite food. So to show my love and gratitude for you following my blog, I wanted to share a raspberry treat with you! And this Raspberry Smoothie is delish, with a secret rosy ingredient…

So what are some of the awesome health benefits of raspberries that rank them near the top of the superfood list?

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Aging Well Tips & Tricks ~ Part 1

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Heidi Hackler beach yoga photo montage https://www.josefkandollwphotography.com and  Simon Rae, Unsplashj

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on our lives and assess whether we’re aging well. With 55 trips around the sun under my belt, I’m happy to look back and realize that I feel healthier and more energetic today than I have since my late teens or early 20’s. And it feels great to have as much or more energy and motivation to do things in my mid-50’s as I did in my younger years.

It’s flattering when people comment and say I look young for my age. But for me it’s more about “aging well” than “looking younger.” A lot of it is likely genetics—and I’m grateful for my good genes—however, much of my good health, energy, and younger look definitely stem from living the Happy Well Lifestyle that I share with you on my blog.

In fact modern scientific research has shown just how much our diet and lifestyle greatly impact our genes for better or worse. It’s now known that only about 10% of ALL chronic diseases are genetic in nature, the rest we have control over. To varying degrees we can actually turn our genes ON or OFF.

Are you feeling healthier and more energetic as you age too? Or are you feeling your age, maybe less motivated, more weight gain, difficulty sleeping, or more aches and pains? If any of that sounds like you then my tips for aging well can help. In Part One we look at the importance of quality sleep, hydration, and moving your body for your overall health and wellness, with tips to help you overcome obstacles in these areas. Then in Part Two we’ll cover more ways to continue aging well.
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Holiday Detox Greens Juice

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Detox Greens Juice, photo credit: rawpixel at Unsplash

Happy Holidays! If you’re like most people, myself included, maybe you’ve over indulged a bit this holiday season? A little too much sugar, carbs, alcohol? Just one more treat, come on, it’s the Holidays after all! I’ll eat better next week…right?

Although they momentarily taste great, those holiday treats can really make you feel sluggish, low-energy, and even cranky with the sugar high followed by crash-and-burn low. Sound familiar?

One way I like to combat that low-energy feeling is with my fav Holiday Detox Greens Juice. Not only is it a festive and pretty color, it helps you detox the sugar, and tastes super-delish too. This is a great pick-me-up juice to drink every day too, even after holiday season has passed. It will give you a natural boost of energy, without all the added sugar of those holidays treats. And you can actually feel your cells drinking up the nutrition!

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Roasted Root Veggies Are Grounding

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Roasted Root Veggies are Grounding. Photo by Jase Ess, Unsplash.com

Are you feeling ungrounded, scattered, or chaotic? Maybe your life feels a little out of control or out of balance right now? There might be a good reason for this…

Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom teaches that our bodies feel the changing seasons. And autumn is a Vata time of the year. Vata is comprised of air and space with characteristics of cool, dry, crackly, and windy. An over abundance of vata energy in our body can lead to monkey-mind, feeling anxious or restless, or being unable to stay focused on tasks. Does this sound like you?

Not to worry, there are several things you can do to feel more grounded. Meditating can help ground us. There are meditation mantras and yoga poses to help open the root chakra (our grounding chakra) and help us feel more grounded. The color read is also associated with the root chakra. So wearing red clothing or eating red foods can also be grounding. Eating seasonally help us to feel more grounded as well. And when we feel grounded our bodies embrace the change of the seasons more gracefully.

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