Holistic Health and Wellness Interview

Naomi Horne interviews Heidi Hackler, HappyWellLifestyle.com, on Holistic Health & NutritionIf you missed seeing me interviewed on Holistic Health and Wellness in Naomi Horne’s Living Your Best Year Video Summit, you can now catch it on my YouTube channel.

I was asked to participate in a video summit along with 30 experts in six different areas: Health & Fitness, Passion Purpose & Profit, Happiness & Well Being, Psychic Medium & Intuition, Spirituality, and Relationships.

Some of the topics covered in my holistic health and wellness interview with Naomi include: kicking your sugar habit (big surprise there if you’ve been following me!); eating a wheat-free/gluten-free diet; boosting and maintaining your immune system for a healthy life; dealing with food allergies; how to avoid toxic health and beauty products; and overall holistic health and nutrition. You can watch my interview on Holistic Health and Wellness here:

Holistic Health & Wellness Interview

Naomi Horne Interviews Heidi Hackler

HappyWellLifestyle YouTube Channel

Note: In the portion of the video on health and beauty products, I made a reference to the Skin Deep database website and inadvertently gave the wrong URL. Here is the correct URL: SkinDeep.

I’d love to know what you think about my interview, and what new info you learned. Please leave a comment to let me know.

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