Sleep Better Naturally

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Sleep Better NaturallyIf you have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep through the night, this post may give you some new ideas to try. How to sleep better naturally is one of the top concerns of my health coaching clients and many of my readers.

While insomnia and sleep issues can plague us for a variety of reasons, those reasons can be different for each person. They can even vary for the same person on different days, making it hard to pinpoint the exact cause. Your sleep issues could stem from sleep apnea, hormonal imbalances, too much stress, or not enough physical exercise, and they can effect a wide range of issues besides just feeling tired.

It’s now known that lack of quality sleep can lead to obesity, and a suppressed immune system. And driving while tired has been shown to be just as dangerous or worse than driving drunk! While pharmaceuticals may help you fall asleep instantly, they can have long-term side effects, leave you feeling groggy and can be addictive. So how can we sleep better, naturally? …continue reading Sleep Better Naturally

Essential Oil Safety: Are Your EOs Harming You?

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Are Your Essential Oils Harming You?
With so many companies selling Essential Oils (EOs) these days, confusion, miss-information, and conflicting information abound on the Internet. Which brings up a lot of questions about Essential Oil safety. Are your essential oils harming you, or are they safe to use? Should you ingest essential oils, or use them directly on your skin? Are they safe to use with your pets?

Ask three different essential oil direct sales consultants about essential oil safety, and you might get three different answers. And most likely none of them are Certified Aromatherapists. (I’m not either, but have taken a Basic Aromatherapy Course, and have done a lot of research on EOs for my own personal use.) I see a lot of misuse of essential oils going on. So I wanted to share some FACTS about Essential Oil Safety to help you use them as safely as possible.

This information is backed up by national and international organizations including, the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), as well as the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC). And it’s considered best practices for safe use of essential oils.
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Health Benefits of Drinking Your Greens

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Drinking Your Greens
Maybe you love drinking your greens? Or maybe not so much? People are usually in one camp or the other. We’ve all heard that getting more greens into our diets is important for optimal health. But how do we do that, especially if we don’t like greens? My hope is by the time you finish this article you’ll be drinking your greens, one way or another!

I happen to LOVE drinking my greens. When I lived in Seattle I used to drink greens juices regularly, stopping in at my local juice joint for a quick, healthy fix of ENERGY almost every day. With the right combo of veggies, greens juices are my FAV way to start the day, or for a mid-afternoon pick-up.

Drinking your greens has some great health benefits and now that we’re in Mexico I’ve been missing that healthy fix. Thankfully we recently bought a juicer and have now started making our own fresh greens juices. But not everyone is a fan of drinking you greens. If you don’t like to taste your greens, another option is to blend them into a smoothie instead. So what are some of the health benefits of drinking your greens? And what is my FAV greens drink recipe that I hope you’re gonna love?
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Rainbow Asian Slaw

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Rainbow Asian SlawIf you’ve been following my blog for a while you may know that I’m a recent cabbage convert. Growing up it was usually served as coleslaw slathered with that goopy white stuff (instead of in a pretty Rainbow Asian Slaw!) Turns out I was allergic to eggs and my body intuitively KNEW to avoid mayonnaise at all costs. 😎

Once I had cabbage (and even Brussels sprouts!) served in a few super-delicious ways like this Rainbow Asian Slaw, I jumped in with both feet. Now days cabbage is a staple aboard our boat. I love making a variety of cabbage salads because they are so EASY to make. This colorful Rainbow Asian Slaw is perfect for summer, brightening up any plate and helping you to eat a rainbow of fresh foods every day.

Plus the health benefits of cabbage (all types, red, green, Napa, even Brussels sprouts) are numerous. Cabbage is packed full of nutritional benefits like cancer-fighting phytonutrients, tons of vitamins and minerals, and powerful anti-oxidants. Cabbage is also super anti-inflammatory, and supports the digestive tract by helping to regulate gut bacteria. So eat up!
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Keep Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Herbs Fresh

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Looking for ways to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh longer? Since we ditched plastic storage containers several years ago, we store most of our dry-foods in glass mason jars. We are so happy to be storing things in glass instead of plastic now, but are mason jars the best option?

Most mason jars are clear and let in UV light which can oxidize the foods stored in them. Oxidization can make foods spoil faster. Living in the salt-air on our sailboat, the metal lids tend to rust quickly making the seal not very air-tight, and heat and humidity can contribute to our nuts, seeds, and dried herbs going bad more quickly too.

Oxidation of oils like those found in nuts and seeds causes rancidity. Eating rancid foods (including rancid nuts and seeds, chips, crackers, and cooking oils) are one of the biggest contributors of free radicals…and free radicals promote aging and cancer. No Bueno! Naturally, we want to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs as fresh as possible. So I had been looking for other storage solutions when Infinity Jars found me! Funny how the Universe works like that. 😀

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