Rainbow Asian Slaw

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Rainbow Asian SlawIf you’ve been following my blog for a while you may know that I’m a recent cabbage convert. Growing up it was usually served as coleslaw slathered with that goopy white stuff (instead of in a pretty Rainbow Asian Slaw!) Turns out I was allergic to eggs and my body intuitively KNEW to avoid mayonnaise at all costs. 😎

Once I had cabbage (and even Brussels sprouts!) served in a few super-delicious ways like this Rainbow Asian Slaw, I jumped in with both feet. Now days cabbage is a staple aboard our boat. I love making a variety of cabbage salads because they are so EASY to make. This colorful Rainbow Asian Slaw is perfect for summer, brightening up any plate and helping you to eat a rainbow of fresh foods every day.

Plus the health benefits of cabbage (all types, red, green, Napa, even Brussels sprouts) are numerous. Cabbage is packed full of nutritional benefits like cancer-fighting phytonutrients, tons of vitamins and minerals, and powerful anti-oxidants. Cabbage is also super anti-inflammatory, and supports the digestive tract by helping to regulate gut bacteria. So eat up!
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Keep Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Herbs Fresh

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Looking for ways to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs fresh longer? Since we ditched plastic storage containers several years ago, we store most of our dry-foods in glass mason jars. We are so happy to be storing things in glass instead of plastic now, but are mason jars the best option?

Most mason jars are clear and let in UV light which can oxidize the foods stored in them. Oxidization can make foods spoil faster. Living in the salt-air on our sailboat, the metal lids tend to rust quickly making the seal not very air-tight, and heat and humidity can contribute to our nuts, seeds, and dried herbs going bad more quickly too.

Oxidation of oils like those found in nuts and seeds causes rancidity. Eating rancid foods (including rancid nuts and seeds, chips, crackers, and cooking oils) are one of the biggest contributors of free radicals…and free radicals promote aging and cancer. No Bueno! Naturally, we want to keep nuts, seeds, and dried herbs as fresh as possible. So I had been looking for other storage solutions when Infinity Jars found me! Funny how the Universe works like that. 😀

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Heart-Healthy Cocoa-Blueberry Smoothie

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Heart-Healthy Cocoa-Blueberry SmoothieValentines Day, the day of hearts…ironically we didn’t get in our Heart-Healthy Cocoa-Blueberry Smoothie that morning because we spent the day in the ER and then ICU as my husband had just experienced a stroke that was traced to several previously undiagnosed heart conditions.

Very luckily for him he will make a full recovery from his stroke, and with the help of a pacemaker and some medicine his heart is now almost as good as new. Also luckily for him, his previous 40+ years as an athletic, organic vegetarian, and regular practitioner of yoga and daily meditation likely played a key role in his quick recovery and moderate side effects of this very rare type of stroke.

This smoothie may have actually helped things from turning out much worse. Learn more about this rare type of stroke and how to detect it below. Plus get our delicious Heart-Healthy Cocoa-Blueberry Smoothie recipe here…

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Body Movement Made Simple

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By Esther Smith, Doctor of Physical Therapy ~

Body Movement Made SimpleBody movement is key to optimal health. You may intuitively know that, but do you really move your body each day? And do you also know that body movement feeds your cells and lubricates your joints, which in turn supports your entire organism? All of the systems in your body benefit from the change of place, position, or posture every single day.

Movement becomes exercise when we perform it for the sake of developing physical fitness. Being physically fit means that we maintain optimal body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. The crux is how to optimally move to promote physical fitness, despite the busy and complex world in which we live.

We live in a world where, for most of us, exercise is something that needs to be scheduled into our day. In previous generations, exercise was built into our lives because movement equaled survival. Due to modern comforts we can now survive while living a sedentary lifestyle. However, science has proven that without regular exercise, humans do not thrive.

I have identified three common barriers to exercise and self-maintenance – lack of time, pain, and confusion about what to do and how to move. So let’s look at these three reasons people don’t move their bodies enough along with some helpful solutions.
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Wishing You Health and Happiness in 2017

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Smooth sailing in 2017!As we sail out of 2016 into 2017, one of my inspirations and intentions in the new year is YOUR Health and Happiness: to help you look and feel your best naturally, from the inside out. As Billy Crystal said, “You look marvelous darling, and when you look good, you feel good!” I’ll take his quote one step further and say: When you’re healthy and happy, you look good and feel good—You look marvelous darling!

One of the things I love most about sailing is that it’s a process sport, you’re always learning something new. The weather, wind, and waves are never exactly the same each time you go sailing, so what worked last time might not work for you this time. And like sailing, I constantly strive to learn new things about health and happiness too, and love sharing healthy tips and tricks with you. 

What will inspire you to improve your own health and happiness in the new year? How will you realize your intentions? Here are a eight ideas to help you get started on your healthiest, happiest year yet! 

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